Saturday, July 31, 2004

i don't like to post large quotes often, but i was reading an interview of the legendary kevin shields and thought this was fantastic:

"I think sometimes music has a strange parallel with the world. I think the world is about to go through a really bad phase. Well, put it this way: people on a political level and big business have been working towards a type of coup. The world has sort of been taken over by big business. It’s not one country it’s in fact big business that rules the world now. And no one has quite grasped that. It hasn’t been quite understood. And all civil liberties will be eaten away at a speed beyond anyone’s comprehension. In the meantime, music’s getting more and more about the spirit of it and the feel of it, so a type of genuine counterculture—which isn’t a marketing thing, but an actual real one—I think it’s just starting up on some level. It’s to sort of balance out the nastiness. The world is never entirely one way; it’s always got a strange balance to it, even if it’s not apparent. So, I suppose what I’m trying to say is: as bad as the world’s going to get in the next five years, I think music is equally going to become quite relevant for good reasons. The soul of music will be the most valuable aspect of it."

Friday, July 30, 2004

in my beautiful balloon

hey cnn, thanks for all the in-depth coverage of the balloons that didn't fall. america really wants that scoop. the pretty, helium-filled scoop that we just can't stop staring at as they hover coquettishly above our heads, waiting to drop. why won't they drop? i need ballons, i must have balloons! i need answers! what in the name of all that is sacred is wrong with you people? jesus help us! oh, thank god, whew, wolf blitzer commentary. now i can sleep.

my only qualm with the speech was the stem cell reference. i agree that it's ridiculous not to further research on the matter, but he may have turned off a lot of religious zealots with just the words "stem cell". other than that it was gangbustas. vanessa and alexandra kerry were impressive.

warning: abortionspeak

while i'm on stem cells, something really angers me. first off it doesn't matter whether i'm pro-choice or pro-life; males don't really have the right to tell any female what she should or shouldn't do with her own body (although i can make interactive suggestions after entering my credit card number on certain web sites). the idea that aging, crusty white men with enlarged prostates try to pass legislation telling women what they can or cannot do does not sit well with me. not at all. pretty soon they'll be trying to say who can and can't get married...

secondly - so many are pro-life solely concerning pre-life and post-life (i.e. the eternal destination of your soul). it's easy to label yourself "pro-life" and try to protect the unborn but it seems contradictory to do so and then advocate the death penalty, and send kids off to die, and cut funding for the poverty-stricken, and make it more difficult for the ill to get treatment, and so forth. several neo-conservatives (prez included) pay so much attention to the unborn and the deceased but disregard everything in between. to vote for someone (can't say his name this week - he-who-shall-not-be-named) who claims to be pro-life concerning the unborn (with words) but is obviously pro-death in every other aspect of his job (with actions) is just a mind-fuck.

remember the scene in war games when matthew broderick made the supercomputer play tic-tac-toe over and over again faster and faster until it overloaded and realized it oculdn't win? that's what this does to my simple abacus brain.

album du jour: neutral milk hotel in the aeroplane over the sea

Thursday, July 29, 2004

them fem dems

female republicans scare me in that way my ex-army hardcore grandmother scared me when i was little, chasing me with the dough roller when i was bad with intentions of using it. 

karen hughes - scares me because i don't want to regurgitate my internal organs.  i like my internal organs. 

laura bush - scares me because subservience to one's husband would mean i'd have to do more if i ever marry (which i won't).  what kind of first lady views subservience as positive (exception - in the bedroom)?  plus she married that guy.  you know, that guy. 

khandi rice - scares me to know that highly educated people can be ignorant bald-faced liars.  

nancy reagan - now on my "friends of p" list for shunning the rnc.

deborah orin - writes for the new york post, which is the print-media equivalent of fox news (both owned by rupert murdock).  it's a funny relationship - they cite each other as "sources".  damn liberal media.  orin chastized teresa heinz kerry as "new-age" for using the phrase "the mystic chords of our national memory".  what's interesting though is that the phrase actually came from an abraham lincoln speech in the 1800's.  you know lincoln, that crystal-wielding peace-sign-flashing new-age former president of ours.   

there is so much i could say about female pundits who really piss me off.  concerning the males - i could write every day for the rest of my life about the misdeeds of robert novak alone.

female democrats - be my girlfriends, please?  to all those "hippy chick pie wagons" ann coulter refers to, i would gladly serve in a laura-bush deferential capacity.  janeane garafalo embarrassed sean hannity on his own show yesterday afternoon (i listen to the dark side as well - i would not be a credible liberal otherwise).  elizabeth edwards is delightful, as is the future second daughter kate edwards.  i even love those little old ladies you see in the crowd wearing the tacky sequined r/w/b outfits that normally would pain you to look at.

album du jour:  public enemy  it takes a nation of millions to hold us back 

some listen to real raging hardcore rock when they're angry.  i listen to chuck d and flavor flav. 

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

because we can never have enough ann coulter

from her usatoday article that was not published:

"...My pretty-girl allies stick out like a sore thumb amongst the corn-fed, no make-up, natural fiber, no-bra needing, sandal-wearing, hirsute, somewhat fragrant hippie chick pie wagons they call "women" at the Democratic National Convention."

i find it ironic that ann is here pictured standing on the grave of joe mccarthy, considering the two would probably have been quite fond of each other.  and a little pity for me, please, for having to peruse images of ann coulter (what kind of pundit has a photo gallery of themselves on their own web site?) before finding a post-worthy one.

send me

is it wrong that i was sexually aroused by the time "strength and wisdom are not opposing values" came around?  and although i respect and agree with not over-lambasting the president at the convention this year, wouldn't it just have been euphoric to hear bill clinton lace into him?  nonetheless, really exciting stuff.  and jimmy carter almost sounded like jonathan edwards.  teresa heinz kerry is speaking tonight, and if you're not at least interested in hearing her just read this article by arianna huffington.

i'm in the office (suite) with only the boss-man right now and he just locked himself in the tech room (where we do hardware stuff) and told me to tell all who call to "fuck off".  there must be a steel-caged death match going on in there between him and a server.  he's generally an amiable guy but has been temperamental of late.  all are entitled i guess, but i'm walking on eggshells (whoa oo whooa-ooaa - thanks to katrina and her waves) nonetheless.

high-five experiment update:  haven't been in public yet.  i did try to high-five my cat but she just kept sleeping.

album du jour:  curve  open day at the hate fest 

Monday, July 26, 2004

cat's eye

micromanaging my days really makes time go by excruciatingly slow.  it's all about ignoring time, but how can you do that when you're suffering (i.e. at work)?  i should harness my chi, re-arrange office furniture, light a candle, say a novina, kneel to mecca, meditate, masturbate, take a deep breath, anything to forget about time.  this has been a problem ever since i read that fucking margaret atwood book.

seeing people do the high-five is really a funny thing.  i think i'm going to start high-fiving everyone.  especially strangers.  maybe with an emphatic "oh yeah" add-on.  i think a stranger would be more apt to high-five you back than someone you know - it's pretty awkward to leave someone hanging.

album du jour:  curve  pubic fruit 

Friday, July 23, 2004

any inkling whatsoever

the thoughtful u.s. department of labor has launched a website aimed at helping homeless people find jobs.  that is, a website, to help the homeless... finally, a good idea.

"...had I had any inkling whatsoever that the people were going to fly airplanes into buildings, we would have moved heaven and earth to save the country..."

- george w. bush on april 13,  2004

"FBI information since that time indicates patterns of suspicious activity in this country consistent with preparations for hijackings or other types of attacks, including recent surveillance of federal buildings in New York."

- presidential daily briefing, august 6, 2001

i guess heaven and earth were in crawford at that time. 

the thing is, that presidential dialy briefing is, like, over a page long.  i mean, who has time to read that?  screw this, i'm going on vacation.

album du jour:  moonbabies  june and novas 

Thursday, July 22, 2004

a sit-down with god

the following is an interview conducted by my friend smash of the daddy of the mack, the gellin' felon himself, god. since i do converse with god on a regular basis, i served as question relay guy. while reading, try to imagine the benedictine monks of santo domingo de silos (chant) singing in the background.  and notice how god likes to refer to himself in the third person:
Smash:  How could you let this happen?

my child, god is indeed infallible. god does not make mistakes. sometimes, however, thy god does enjoy his nectar a bit much and goes on intoxicated tirades. you know, drunk-dialing vishnu at 2:30 in the morning, tryinig to get sexy-sexy mary magdalin to come over, so on and so forth. i know we've all been there (phizz i'm looking in your direction). well, one night god was doing jello shots with hendrix, innocently enough, enjoying a nice tuesday evening. little did god know that that nappy soil-smelling dickhole had dropped lsd into the shots (later i had buddha reincarnate him as a thighmaster as punishment - to let him think about what he did while betwixt thighs of sweaty fat women). needless to say, god was a tad out of it and thought it would be hi-frickin-larious to see what would happen if a gopher-hole enthusiast were made leader of the free world. god woke up a few days later and the damage was done. what can i say, my bad. 
Smash:  What do you think of Christianity?

it does boost god's ego, but somewhere along the line the whole thing got convaluted.  it was supposed to be a really bitching weekly party, you know, to rest on the seventh.  and now you all have fucked it up so bad that you only have a tiny sip of alcohol and the only thing you do while on your knees is pray.  what is wrong with you people?  jesus... 
Smash:  What is the meaning of life?

medammit, if i had a nickel for every time... the meaning of life is...
ted mcginley sit-coms.

Smash:  How sick, exactly, IS your sense of humor?

have you seen the charlie's angels movies? all me.

Smash:  Is this hell?

back to the charlie's angels movies....ever seen them back-to-back? over and over and over and over and over again into perpetuity? can you imagine what that's like? if not just ask brando.

thanks god for sharing with us today. 

no problem man, you guys keep it real.  now i have to go find jesus to make sure he's not fucking with the mexicans again by showing up in chalupas.
okay god, vaya con dios.

word to your moms.

album du jour:  jesus and mary chain  automatic

Wednesday, July 21, 2004


alot of people don't know this about me, but i get my orders directly from god.  that's right, god tells  me what to do and say (if anyone wants to ask a question of the almighty just give me a ring-a-roo.  actually just think of it, i'll text you the answer).  i've heard that the only other people who possess this conduitive ability are david berkowitz and, of course, the president.  i know, berkowitz said he got his orders to kill from a dog.  in truth, however, berkowitz was actually dyslexic and really meant "god".

yesterday i was trying to make a monitor work and god told me to adjust the refresh rate, but all that did was make the screen go blank and then i couldn't do anything and had to completely wipe out the system.  it took forever.

what was up with that god?  was it punishment for downloading the passion instead of waiting for it to come out on video?  being against the federal marriage amendment?  accidently stabbing that homeless person seven times? 

even though god does talk to/through me, very rarely does he say what's really on his mind. 

and his english really sucks.

album du jour:  forget cassettes  instruments of action

Monday, July 19, 2004

ailment, ailment

a pox on you monday... fie.  fie i say!  i could not have less energy right now, unless i was dead (and i'm not totally convinced i'm not).  i'm thinking that mybe typing will help me wake up.  sound stupid?  well i'm deliriously tired, so maybe it just is.  i should feign an injury or illness so boss will let me leave.  what would be a likely sickness....
a sudden onset of scurvy (or malaria, or the plague, or some other early-colonial fever).  my aids is acting up (thanks chris rock).  i'm bleeding out of my asshole (no questions asked).  ooooooo, mad cow (i mean "mooooooo", mad cow).  leprosy (although i'd need props and makeup).  some good old-fashioned vertigo (maybe too many corners around here for that).  an allergic reaction to... uh... flourescent lighting?  oxygen?  verticality? 
i could just somehow give myself a raging erection and walk around the office.  although that may just get me fired or sued in addition to being sent home.
yesterday i watched mystic river, then later fast times at ridgemont high.  i have to say, i like surfer-stoner sean penn more than tortured-artist sean penn.  actually i've had enough of him altogether.  

this talk of sean penn is doing nothing for my raging erection.  ahhhh, robin wright-penn... there it is.

album du jour:  burning brides  leave no ashes

Saturday, July 17, 2004

chut up

i finally got to watch bubba ho-tep.  it was delightful, a delightful romp (all me), much as any bruce campbell movie is.  coincidentally my evil dead dvd came in yesterday - also a delightful romp.  sam raimi, director, also directed the painfully pretty kirsten dunst (a delightful rump) in spiderman 2.  everyone knows that of course, i just needed a way to fit "delightful rump" in there.  she currently is dating jake gyllenhaal (whose sister i will someday wed) of, among other things, the dexterous donnie darko.  they made me do it.
sorry bacon, got nothing for ya.
after needless-information linking fun (fun for everyone), and a small portion of alliteration, a fond adieu.

album du jour:  call and response winds take no shape

Friday, July 16, 2004

wine and women and weekend revelry.  suck it.  i'm not in a festive mood.  really more of a destructive, unnappreciated, graham-greene kind of mood.  what say you, oh...  oh...   oh bother (english butler accent ensues).  'tis happy hour round ye olde household and the lord of the manor, whom i pretend is i, 'tis frothy.  and pissed.  and feeling quite unappreciated.  yes, unappreciated.  and perhaps a bit lacking in an internal synonym database (unappreciated?  anyone? anyone? beuller?  beuller?  beuller?). 
when i look at all the male rock icons i hold in the highest esteem, i think of my opposite.  on female artists - why do i think at all.
oh yes indeed it's time to do the weekend wax-poetic...  a verse for the masses:
the raging burns like chinese torture
sensible like irish murder
headache as our native sons'
we revel and squeal in bloodspurts of kin
we deserve what is ours 

you fucking poseurs

yeah i know  that young boys were raped by american soldiers and 78 children were burned to death in a school in india and almost 900 american troops have been killed in iraq, but i'd really rather talk about martha getting five months in jail.  why can't i find anything about martha on the news?  martha martha martha?  what's scott peterson doing?  kobe?    ooooooo sports!  i love sports!

album du jour: the like young so serious

Thursday, July 15, 2004

what would a good caption for this picture be... my suggestion is "mmmmm, children....."

too hot

my laptop vents the heat from the processor out of its right side, right where my wrist is when i'm using the mouse. i just keep thinking about hot air being blown on my wrist, in the summer. it's boring into my brain and occupying my thought processes; i can think of nothing else. the heat, the hot, hot air, in the summer, summer, too hot, hot air, why, hot, uncomfortable, heat, on me... consequently i submit to you a random, meaningless paragraph about moving hot air that's infecting my day. just so my hands are on the keyboard instead, away from the heat. i'm venting about venting.

album du jour: the wannadies be a girl

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


christ almighty i am ready to get the fuck out of dodge. i just want to get into my bed, swallow some nice sleeping doo-dads and recouperate from whatever it is that has made me tired and overly-irritable today. tomorrow i am not reading one goddamned newspaper article or magazine or listening to any talk radio. some days it just dampens my energy way too much and i end up getting pissed at everything and everyone. i wish i was still a smoker.

the federal marriage amendment did not pass, that's good. the fact that it went to a vote at all is not good. whatever, i'm too tired.

just to brighten my day and yours here's a picture of my mister kitty chillin out max and relaxin all cool on the hood of the car. look at that buddha belly.

album du jour: stereolab margerine eclipse

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

cognitive dissonance

warning: i'm about to wax political. sorry, but these days one needs to preach it up real nice now and then to stave off homicidal inclinations.

it blows my mind how the president can go on television one day claiming that the country is now safer as a result of its war on terror (whatever) and the next day have his office of "homeland security" secretary insinuate that the election may have to be postponed in case of a possible terrorist attack.

oh sweet jesus, orange! run away! run away!

another outrage i have is the following defense of our iraqi invasion: "saddam hussein was a tyrant who gassed his own people and the world is better off without him". yes, i agree, everyone agrees, right on, testify, amen, no one ever said otherwise. but if we're so concerned with international humanitarian issues, and that is our only salient rationale concerning iraq (since the al-quaeda link has been proven bogus, man), then expound on the fact that our government refuuses to do anything but chat about the genocide occurring in sudan. tens of thousands murdered and over a million homeless.

i guess third-world african nations with few petroleum resources don't count. it makes me physically weary that such blatant hypocrisy has no effect on public opinion.

ralph nader - it's great to be idealistic and rally for a third party, just great. but it will take alot more than lambasting the flaws of the two-party system once every three-and-a-half years. developing a serious third party in this country would take an immense movement, and nader, being no dullard, must know this. so why only speak up during the presidential campaign season? and isn't accepting campaign contributions from the groups you speak out against (the oregon family council for one - would kill all gays if they could) sort of a conflict of interest?

i'm sorry ralph, you're off my christmas card list. no more bundt cake. no more bundt cake for anyone!

album du jour: mellowdrone a demonstration of intellectual property

Monday, July 12, 2004

sexy liberals of the u.s. unite!

this is a call to arms... of arms... and legs, and other appendiges and extremities: fuck the vote!

Sunday, July 11, 2004

don't read this

melissa auf der maur: maybe/maybe not. since she was in hole and the pumpkins i'll have to at least give her a significant listen or four. it may be too dark, in one of those i-want-to-bleed-from-my-eyes-and-slap-jesus-in-the-brain kind of ways. think of the abundance of somehow radio-friendly bands that spout rage-rock and shout (whine) about their shitty million-dollar lives and pierce their spines to try to be "cool" in a tenacious d post-hoc kind of way. maybe that's the point of rage rock, to really piss you off.

this is what i came up with while thinking about this album: "auf der maur" is a little "off der mark". i hate myself.

for further proof that i am a dick - my little cousins (11 and 11) have a talent show tonight at their methodist church, and i'm not going. when asked by one if i would come, i said i couldn't. little cousin said "why"? and instead of coming up with an impromptu excuse, which usually i do with gusto, i just told him that i didn't want to. he laughed at me. i punched myself metaphorically.

album du jour: arto lindsay salt

Thursday, July 08, 2004

hey, that's nifty

from -

Calif. Education Secretary Apologizes for Comment to Girl

Sunday, July 4, 2004
(07-04) 10:41 PDT SANTA BARBARA, Calif. (AP) --

State Education Secretary Richard Riordan has apologized for joking that a child's name meant "stupid dirty girl."

In a videotaped exchange at the city's central library on Thursday, a girl asked Riordan if he knew that her name meant "Egyptian goddess."

Riordan, who apparently believed he'd been asked what her name meant, replied, "It means stupid dirty girl."

Some in the room laughed nervously, and the girl again told Riordan the meaning of her name.

"Hey, that's nifty," he said.

Local television station KEYT-TV videotaped the exchange.

On Friday, Riordan issued a statement saying he had "teased" the girl, who was not identified. "I immediately apologized to her, and I want to do so again for the misunderstanding," he said.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a longtime friend of Riordan who appointed the former Los Angeles mayor to his cabinet, said in a statement that the comments were "unacceptable in any context."

"We must always focus on encouraging and supporting children. I've known Dick Riordan for a long time, and I know that he would never knowingly or intentionally upset a child."

Riordan was in Santa Barbara to promote his summer book club.

don't spell rock "rawk". just don't, please.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

yankee doodle dandy ambrosia salad

this is funny! it's a list of recipes from the bush administration for fourth of july food. john ashcroft's (sing for me johnnie...) "simply bbq" recipe is essentially "cook meat, put sauce on". every recipe is just the universal standard recipe for the dish, only with "freedom" or "liberty" in front of it. i absolutely love secretary snow's "land of the free cole slaw". here's one of the recipes, but seriously go read them all on the site, it's fucking hilarious.

incidentally, this sounds like something my stoner friend... not me, a friend... would make out of random things left over in the house while completely fucked up:

Dale Haney's Yankee Doodle Dandy Ambrosia Salad

1 container sour cream
1 large container Cool Whip
1 large can crushed pineapple
1 can mandarin orange
1 bag miniature marshmallows
1 handful Maraschino cherries (cut in half)
1/2 small package of shredded coconut (optional)
1 cup pecans (chopped)

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Chill. Serves a lot.

dirty laundry of desperado

avoid sugarless chocolate unless you have lots of free time; clear your schedule atkin-ers. atkinites? atkinians...

"liar liar pants on fire" is not a salient refuter, nor are "i didn't know" and "i haven't read it" valid excuses for public officials, or anyone. maybe in november we can all hear don henly singing "this is the end of the ignorants". sure.

the gas pedal is the one on the right, turn signals are named so for a reason, stop on red and go on green, bumper stickers only make dissenters want to smash your windshield, and does an american flag sticker on a japanese car seem like at least a minor contradiction?

a big step in self-improvement - i discontinued my cable service. no more mtv2 or cnn or e! for me. going through a little postpardom depression, but i just remind myself i also cut off cnbc and fox "news" and mtv and cnn and e! and vh1 and then i feel better. plus the cox communications nazis can now suck my ass instead of sucking my life force.

hey white-trash "home-schooled" welfare neighbors of mine: buying two months' worth of fireworks twice a year doesn't seem like an irresponsible allocation of funds to you? maybe try to buy a window to replace the hefty bag on that '87 hyundai of yours? just a thought.

album du jour: rainer maria long knives drawn

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

the new york post said it was going to be gephardt, so i'm sure fox news will also say it's gephardt since their only source is the new york post.

this is a really good thing. i think people thus far have perceived kerry as somewhat mauve, and edwards is a charismatic guy (you complete me...). edwards is a pretty conservative democrat (comes from the south) and is sort of an every-man's candidate. now they can put pictures of he and kerry snowboarding and throwing the football around.

and god i can't wait for the debates! imagine seeing the soulless robot cheaney 5.0 and edwards going at it. get ready for profanity.

edwards, by the way, was a trial lawyer and used to lambaste large corporations in court (the polar opposite of dick cheaney). he was also in 10th grade during vietnam, so he's pretty clean it would seem.

one more thing - dick cheaney's doctor was getting high on some sort of funky nasal spray when he certified the vice president's health. three heart attackes seems okay even to a drug addict... huh.

album du jour: klang no sound is heard

Sunday, July 04, 2004

the hong kong

"Our 8 song CD 'Rock the Faces' can be found at Other Music in NYC. It sounds like Debbie Harry were she held at gunpoint by Phil Spector in a recording studio with the Jesus and Mary Chain until, together, they finished 8 tracks."

 the hong kong

on farenheit 9/11

the graphic field wounds and charred bodies of iraqi children weren't as gut-wrenching for me as seeing our "elected" leaders going about their flippant and purposefully inauspicious lives, spouting rhetoric (rhetoric here meaning outright and lazy lies), preying on fear and sacrificing lower-class families' sons and daughters for the advancement of nothing nobler than personal financial gain. the best thing about the movie for me was that i was sitting in a theatre with people who were becoming aware of things that i was already privy to, for the most part. and those people actually sought out this information; they weren't being force-fed it accidentally by local or national "news". it sounds vain but sometimes it's nice to be among those who care about their world and seek out knowledge, as i try to do. it's almost enough to give a cynical dick hole like myself a little hope. everyone clapped at the end - my fairy tale.

Friday, July 02, 2004

2004 favorites (a

since 2004 is now half over (believe it) here are my favorite records thus far this year. they're only my personal preferences of the stuff i've heard; i give big points for inventiveness and attempted originality, as well as what i just plain dig. and i have heard alot, but obviously not everything. just opinions. in order:

the beta band - heroes and zeroes
moonbabies - the orange billboard
say hi to your mom - discosadness
tv on the radio - desperate youth, bloodthirsty babes
bumblebeez 81 - printz
lansing-dreiden - incomplete triangle
lali puna - faking the books
stereolab - margerine eclipse
the delays - faded seaside glamour
ambulance ltd - lp
the von bondies - pawn shoppe heart
blonde redhead - misery is a butterfly
the killers - hot fuss
languis - the four walls
a.c. newman - the slow wonder
50 foot wave - bug (ep)
call and response - winds take no shape
particle - launchpad
sonic youth - sonic nurse
pj harvey - uh huh her
revolutionary hydra - the peefs
les savy fav - inches
the rosenbergs - department store girl
sahara hotnights - kiss & tell
ash - meltdown
the walkmen - bows and arrows
komeda - kokomemedada

shit i forgot to put usher on there. no i didn't.

Thursday, July 01, 2004


again i am the only one in this place of business today (and tomorrow). the other two went to florida for the holiday weekend. that's fine, whatever, i do what i want. i brought dvd's to entertain myself.

when was the last time i saw the sun? five minutes ago.

my poor father. he works for a small oil contracting company in texas, actually one of the ones that got an iraqi contract when it became evident that haliburton (did someone just tell me to "fuck off"?) was scandalously overcharging on their no-bid contract, and they're way over-worked. i called him this morning to rub in the fact that i'm getting a 30-inch flat panel, and we talked about kerry. he says john kerry is lukewarm and complains because he doesn't know anything about him. that blows my mind. how many web sites are there dedicated to kerry? is he not on tv all the time? newspapers? newsweek? i very much loathe the fact that people plead ignorance like it's some sort of free pass, and it especially disturbs me when said aggravation hails from my own family. they do live in texas though, so what can you do. i hear it's god's country.

album du jour: catherine wheel happy days