Wednesday, February 14, 2007


Valentine's Day is starting to become my favorite time of year. I realized that I actually enjoy being embittered by the whole charade of showing someone you love them on just one day of the year by buying sugar and flowers that die within a week. Maybe I'd feel different if I ever get "in love" and get that trippy dopamine flowing. Not that I'm being a total negative Nancy , it's just not really in-line with my persona.

But is it strange to sometimes find comfort in bitterness or depression? It's probably not a great thing that familiarity with negative emotions breeds comfort, but isn't it better to embrace and accept certain truths, such as sadness and anger, than be constantly at odds with them? I say anger but really I mean bitterness. Anger is something I try not to hold onto.

Positive spin: I save money by being single on V-day. And just about every other day of the year except maybe April 15.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

DVD Rage

Superbowl commercials are attractions in and of themselves, usually better and more creative and entertaining than run-of-the-mill commercials. Does that mean advertisers don't bring their A game the rest of the year? They just try harder for the Superbowl? It doesn't add up. It smells of bunk.

Regardless, I didn't watch. X-Men 2 was on Fox. I still cry when they off Famke Janssen, even though I know she comes back in III. I'm sorry, you just don't do that to Famke.

Scratched DVD's are the bane of my existence. Watching a good flick, engrossed, completely unaware of the outside world, and halfway through the fucker dies on you. I was watching The Devil's Rejects which, while not award-worthy, was entertaining the shit out of me. Gore and boobies. What's not to like.

So it skips and will not play, so I star-wipe from a slasher flick to a PBS special about the history of the supreme court. Also entertaining, but a rough transition.

Saw III came in the mail today and if it skips I'm putting it in the microwave. I'm not kidding.