Wednesday, July 07, 2004

dirty laundry of desperado

avoid sugarless chocolate unless you have lots of free time; clear your schedule atkin-ers. atkinites? atkinians...

"liar liar pants on fire" is not a salient refuter, nor are "i didn't know" and "i haven't read it" valid excuses for public officials, or anyone. maybe in november we can all hear don henly singing "this is the end of the ignorants". sure.

the gas pedal is the one on the right, turn signals are named so for a reason, stop on red and go on green, bumper stickers only make dissenters want to smash your windshield, and does an american flag sticker on a japanese car seem like at least a minor contradiction?

a big step in self-improvement - i discontinued my cable service. no more mtv2 or cnn or e! for me. going through a little postpardom depression, but i just remind myself i also cut off cnbc and fox "news" and mtv and cnn and e! and vh1 and then i feel better. plus the cox communications nazis can now suck my ass instead of sucking my life force.

hey white-trash "home-schooled" welfare neighbors of mine: buying two months' worth of fireworks twice a year doesn't seem like an irresponsible allocation of funds to you? maybe try to buy a window to replace the hefty bag on that '87 hyundai of yours? just a thought.

album du jour: rainer maria long knives drawn

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