Friday, July 16, 2004

wine and women and weekend revelry.  suck it.  i'm not in a festive mood.  really more of a destructive, unnappreciated, graham-greene kind of mood.  what say you, oh...  oh...   oh bother (english butler accent ensues).  'tis happy hour round ye olde household and the lord of the manor, whom i pretend is i, 'tis frothy.  and pissed.  and feeling quite unappreciated.  yes, unappreciated.  and perhaps a bit lacking in an internal synonym database (unappreciated?  anyone? anyone? beuller?  beuller?  beuller?). 
when i look at all the male rock icons i hold in the highest esteem, i think of my opposite.  on female artists - why do i think at all.
oh yes indeed it's time to do the weekend wax-poetic...  a verse for the masses:
the raging burns like chinese torture
sensible like irish murder
headache as our native sons'
we revel and squeal in bloodspurts of kin
we deserve what is ours 

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