Tuesday, July 06, 2004

the new york post said it was going to be gephardt, so i'm sure fox news will also say it's gephardt since their only source is the new york post.

this is a really good thing. i think people thus far have perceived kerry as somewhat mauve, and edwards is a charismatic guy (you complete me...). edwards is a pretty conservative democrat (comes from the south) and is sort of an every-man's candidate. now they can put pictures of he and kerry snowboarding and throwing the football around.

and god i can't wait for the debates! imagine seeing the soulless robot cheaney 5.0 and edwards going at it. get ready for profanity.

edwards, by the way, was a trial lawyer and used to lambaste large corporations in court (the polar opposite of dick cheaney). he was also in 10th grade during vietnam, so he's pretty clean it would seem.

one more thing - dick cheaney's doctor was getting high on some sort of funky nasal spray when he certified the vice president's health. three heart attackes seems okay even to a drug addict... huh.

album du jour: klang no sound is heard

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