Wednesday, July 14, 2004


christ almighty i am ready to get the fuck out of dodge. i just want to get into my bed, swallow some nice sleeping doo-dads and recouperate from whatever it is that has made me tired and overly-irritable today. tomorrow i am not reading one goddamned newspaper article or magazine or listening to any talk radio. some days it just dampens my energy way too much and i end up getting pissed at everything and everyone. i wish i was still a smoker.

the federal marriage amendment did not pass, that's good. the fact that it went to a vote at all is not good. whatever, i'm too tired.

just to brighten my day and yours here's a picture of my mister kitty chillin out max and relaxin all cool on the hood of the car. look at that buddha belly.

album du jour: stereolab margerine eclipse

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