Wednesday, January 28, 2004

valley of the blind

currently i am on the second floor of the lafayette public library, looking out over the rather delapidated downtown area. at least my view is delapidated. as i have little else to do, i decided to break out the laptop and write away as i wait for 5:00 (when cindy gets off).

after my vision tomfoolery at the blind center i should be getting some insanely powerful reading glasses (no doubt they'll be the height of fashion) and some peripheral device to hook up to my computer that will in essence woork like a closed-circuit tv (also to aid in reading). i can't say whether i'll actually use this stuff or not - alot of times they seem like good ideas when i'm testing them out but are later abandoned out of laziness. i really would like to be able to actually read the articles in my magazines instead of fumbling through titles and pawing at the pretty pictures.

this morning on cnn i watched nearly the entire length of some congressional hearing concerning iraq and supposed wmd's they had stockpiles of and when. david kay, the former chief inspector, discussed how no actual weapons were found to be in the ocuntry. yet several quotes were brought up from cheany, bush, et. al. pre-war proclaiming that iraq did indeed have the bombs. so now it's a question of whether or not the intelligencfe was bad or whether the white house exaggerated certain facts to gain support for the war. at any rate, it's a big quagmire of who-did-what (i just want to know what you knew and when you knew it senator). personally i think much of the hard evidence was skewed pre-war into pro-war propaganda by the bush administration, but of course my opinion is influenced by the fact that i hate them, and of course the fact that they're all liars hell-bent on self interests (as evidenced by the lucrative iraqi rebuilding contracts that went only to american companies with direct ties to rumsfeld and cheaney). i recognize the fact that all politicians are basically liars and crooks, republican or democrat, but bush and co. just seem so brazen and unconcerned with any type of consequences their selfish actions may warrant that it seems to me that they think they can wield free reign. it's always the lesser of evils with politics.

so it's 4:47 and almost time to skedaddle. i'll be a million bucks i'm going to have sex tonight. sex is a funny thing - if you hadn't had it in a while and you want to make that good first impression by being spectacular you can't perform worth shit (from a male perspective), but when you are getting it regularly and you know you're going to keep getting it regularly you have the capacity to be a fucking tiger, when really you don't need to. i think that's one of those cosmic practical jokes.

i feel a cold coming on. and fuck, i was just about over the last one. god damn you universe!!!! you and your twisted sex jokes!!!!!

album du jour: further seems forever the moon is down

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

chaunceboy send me your new site

this afternoon i spilled dr. pepper on my keyboard so i finally had to bite the bullet and hook up my wireless that i got for xmas. i was just being lazy, in re. not hooking i up. it really is pretty cool. i wonder how long it will be before i spill something on this one. watch this:

right now i'm on my bed lying down

now i'm sitting in front of my tv

right now i'm not even looking.....back turned to (on) all of you (all both of you)

i'm going to squat in cindy's apartment for a couple of days so i may be incommunicado. do you like avacado? she works during the day so i need to bring some type of arts & crafts projects. i was thinking of taking all my entertainment weekly magazines and making some pre-emptive collage christmas cards (past efforts have included "a ricky martin cailente crhistmas" and duran duran "hungy like the jesus" cards).

plus tomorrow i'm going to the low-vision aid center here in lafayette to experiement with all types of visual aids (at the low-vision aid center? get the fuck out...). maybe i will finally be able to learn how to read.

album du jour: doves the last broadcast

going to eat alot of peaches

i can't explain the lack of blog inspiration. everyone knows it's much easier to write when depressed and/or angered, but lately i've been neither. you'd think i would be awash with relief at being currently on the upswing, but really i almost miss the moodiness. i strangely take solace in the probability that i will sink again (everything is cyclical). how fucked up is that.

i'm thinking about writing a book. i haven't really read any good literature in quite some time though, so i think i need to do that first. writing well stems from reading a large quantity of quality books. of latei feel prettyreatarded - not being able to think of words/synonyms, forgetting things that i'm positive i used to know, etc. some of this may be attributed to the aging process and the binge drinking and aerosol abuse.

a friend of mine is moving to montana next week to live with her 22-year old boyfriend (whom we affectionately refer to as "johnny montana"). what is there in montana? is it big sky country? what is that? i understand wanting to leave louisiana, but for's too far from saltwater, and i think the further from saltwater you are the more inane the population gets. just look at the red versus blue states during election returns. it's like butter.

album du jour: the sea and cake oui

Friday, January 23, 2004

i am oprah winfrey

here's something i've never heard before. i was chatting with my good friend jill in arkansas and somewhere in our conversation she mentioned that at the moment she likes to live vicariously through me. let's all really pray hard to our respective deities that jill is happy and healthy soon.

did anyone see howard dean turn into the incredible hulk in iowa last weekend? it was such a scene. he's a good candidate but shoots himself in the foot repetitively it seems like.

my friend went to a henry rollins concert in new orleans last night. i don't know what to make of that, except that if you're going to go to new orleans there's usually several bands playing on the same night so i'm sure you could find something better to do than see henry rollins. but to each his own.

what does it mean that i've started to make time in the afternoon to watch oprah? am i turning into a middle-aged overweight black woman? should i buy some luther vandross cd's? shouuld i fake winning the ohio lottery?

album du jour: catherine wheel chrome

Monday, January 19, 2004

stoli stoli stoli

my apologies for being lax in my blog upkeep, but i tend to need a few days rest after a night of binge drinking. i guess i can't use that as an excuse - i sleep for days on end generally without reason. but it was an interesting weekend, frought with drama which, thankfully, had nothing to do with me, but unfotunately i had to bear witness to. not a fan of the drama. especially drama involving drunk whores who like to tell stories (ala taxicab confessions). but luckily drunk ranting whores can be dropped off and quickly forgotten, especially when your alcohol consumption converts much of the night's unfortunate experiences into what i like to call "blackouts". demon liquor my ass.

i had a very nice martin luther king jr. day, watching many movies (none of which were very spectacular), laughing and lying. i watched the mothman prophecies last night and it really scared me, which is a good thing because i rarely get frightened by movies anymore. it definitely now carries my seal of approval.

another day of movies with cindy tomorrow. it's nice to find someone who can sit through eight movies in a row with you, with occasional sarcastic comments insterted where necessary (and other things inserted where unnecessary have i said too much oh my god?).

album du jour: the stills logic will break your heart

Friday, January 16, 2004

phone call most foul

ding dong the chickens is gone. i was feeling litigious this morning so i called the police to report a noise disturbance as a result of our neigybor's poultry clucking, and low-and-behold the chickens is no more. words can't quite describe my elation at the newfound sounds of silence. and just ask me how guilty i feel about it.

it's supposed to rain all weekend, but there's a party i want to go to tomorrow night so i'm conflicted. i may just compromise and stay in my room and get drunk. happy mediums.

i'm selling 14 of my vhs tapes as a lot on ebay for nine bucks, so if anyone is interested then just click here. if you don't want to pay nine bucks make me an offer i can't refuse. these are they:

South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut
Scarface (2-VHS)
The Matrix
The Shawshank Redemption
Less Than Zero
Desperado (w/ Antonio Banderas)
Reservoir Dogs
Angela's Ashes
Ferris Bueller's Day Off
Wonder Boys

not a bad lot of movies, i'm just converting to dvd. if you buy within the next ten minutes i'll throw in some crack rock and toilet paper free.

album du jour: helium the dirt of luck

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

across the street today there was a tree removal company cutting down this giant oak tree, which i believe was dead anyway, in our neighbor's yard. when they cut the main trunk and the behemoth toppled over it shook the ground rather vehemently. at the time i was here at my computoer doing god knows what, and i about pissed myself. it was like that scene from donny darko when maggie gyllenhall enters her house at the beginning of the movie and you see the entire house shake (which we later find out is a plane engine falling on the house). it was pretty weird, but definitely cool post hoc.

Monday, January 12, 2004

poor, cheap and lazy

the chickens hang around outside my bedroom window. i don't know how i feel about that. hungry maybe.

my lady friend is almost nine years my senior. i rather like that. you hear alot these days about younger men dating older women, since i care so much about what the rest of the world is doing, especially hollywood...

i woke up and went walking this morning (by which i mean noon) then cut the grass for my lovely aunt, although there was very little grass and very many leaves. i don't ask questions.

riddle me this - do i have to pay to put pictures up on here? i know it's only about five bucks a month, but i'm cheap and poor.

i'm going to sell all my vhs tapes as a lot on ebay. tired of dealing with clutter.

album du jour: her space holiday young machines

Saturday, January 10, 2004


my twin 11-year old cousins are sleeping over tonight. i'm always happy when they do since it offers me an opportunity to corrupt their young minds with various inappropriate media (for instance, i showed them american psycho one night. isn't it a classic though? shouldn't kids watch classics?). the way i see it, i'm giving them the knowledge that will help them in social circles that i never had, and still don't in many ways. that way they don't just act like an amalgomation of their parents, as i was relegated to doing in my formative years. psycho-babble.

speaking of parochial misadventures - our allustrious ltg (little teenage gangster) neighbors somehow procured a chainsaw with which to amuse themselves. odd, since their yard is roughly twelve feet by twelve feet and contains nothing in the way of plant life. i should just buy a gun from a pawn shop and leave it on their doorstep. sooner or later they'd have to do themselves in, accidentally or otherwise. social darwinism at it's finest.

my friend cindy and i are having a movie night tonight. she's bringing children of the corn, which i have never seen and am very much looking forward to. on the subject of movies, i bought the following dvd's today, despite my resolution to curb my spending habits of late:

less than zero
better off dead

most were from the $5.88 bin at wal-mart, which you really can't beat (if i were a richer man i would boycott wal-mart forever - corporate bitches). i've only seen the first three.

album du jour: royal trux cats & dogs

Thursday, January 08, 2004

-insert title here-

ohh all you poor bastards who have to work on such a nice rainy day such as today. take solace in the fact that i am quite comfortable laying in bed while all others are braving the cold world outside. who really wants a job.

ohio lottery woman - cry me a river. life sucks and we all die penniless, welcome.

is anyone else getting soured on howard dean? the further this thing goes on the more i think he'd have absolutely no chance against george bush. i'm almost starting to root for wesley clark actually. it's not that dean has bad ideas - quite the contrary - but there are things he says that someone campaigning for a presidential nomination shouldn't say (i hearken back to the confederate flag remarks, and others). clark just looks better on paper going against our fearless leader, and frankly i'd support the person who has the best chance of beating him. nibb high football rules.

album du jour: happy mondays pills 'n thrills and bellyaches

Wednesday, January 07, 2004

sick like dog. can't talk or swallow. must.....finish...sentence...

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

another man's treasure

i sold about twenty of my old cd's on ebay this past week. going through my old collection really makes me wonder what the hell was wrong with me way back when (i had a dave matthews band and jesus jones cd in there). then i wonder what the people who bought them from me present day are like - perhaps just like me about 10 years ago? musical taste is a curiously indicative hobby. it's always good to discover artists you really like and then go back to listen to their earlier work, so i have to applaud the retroactive sensibility of the thing. and i guess i can't really throw stones, since after all these are my adolescently archaic cd's which at some point i thought were worth buying (or scamming a music club for). and even though i'm glad someone wants this stuff, i have to mourn the fact that there is want for such crap. but imagine what i'll consider crap ten years from now...

album du jour: pussy galore dial m for motherfucker

not an easy task when you google "pussy galore" looking for a decent band website. bunch of perverts in this world (only kidding - i bookmarked everything)

Monday, January 05, 2004

shake it like a polaroid picture

ever notice how, no matter how low your self-image, when you see yourself in a photograph it's always worse than you think. especially with a flash - it's not as if i look pale like a vampire as it is, but i think my complexion actually reflects the light causing my face to look...well...illuminated (which it never does otherwise. usually i'm try for very dark and brooding - the whole byronic thing). i just need to get my hands on some adobe photoshop and i'll be sated.

speaking of satiation, i just bought donnie darko on dvd, in an effort to beef up my somewhat paltry dvd collection. i also would like to unload some of my vhs's, although i doubt i could find buyers for some of them. i really just want to free up space on my desk, so i have a clutter-free space upon which to bang my head when the mood strikes me. i don't think that's unreasonable. goddamned clutter. makes me want to hit my head on the.....oh. fuck.

album du jour: burnside project the networks, the circuits, the streams, the harmonies

Sunday, January 04, 2004


it's not the end of the world, but if it were the sky outside would really be appropriate - very ominous and brooding. it's just raining slightly and is eerily sans thunder. it reminds me of ghostbusters 1.

yesterday i just realized i can score (check out) movies from our local library, which is easily within walking distance. i suppose i could also check out some of these new-fangled "books" that you hear so much about these days. we here in milton don't take too kindly to them wordy-words though. i'm such an ignorant bastard sometimes.

the thing i regret most about 2003 was the lack of any kind of personal inertia.

the thing i liked most about 2003 was the over-indulgence, which i also hated.

album du jour: the butchies are we not femme?

this is a really cool site, surf even if you don't care

Saturday, January 03, 2004

where does he get those wonderful toys

so many of my christmas presents require a usb port on my computer - my canon, my external hard drive, scanner (not a new item - just one i happened to find in my old closet), mp3 player, and wireless keyboard/mouse receiver. and since my desktop is somewhat old it only has 2 ports, so i'm using my laptop's as well (the two are networked). i feel mad.....delightfully, whimsically mad (sometimes i smell my hands because they remind me of my mother!)!

and also i feel a bit out of control - buying dvd's like they're going out of style. i also bought these really boss leather wristbands (rockstyle) to go with the leather condom i bought. all studded, naturally.

is louisiana really that disagreeable that it has to be 80 fucking degrees in january? isn't it unpleasant enough?

album du jour: the cranes population 4

Friday, January 02, 2004

litter critter

while away from the house we left five litterboxes and a huge pile of food for the cat, and today i was cleaning this shit out of the boxes while the cat was sitting atop the dryer staring at me. she had this look on her face like "yes, you'll clean up my shit and you'll like it bitch". it was not one of my most dignifying moments. probably the worst of the year so far, although the initial hours of 2004 are a bit hazy.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

i was up until 7 this morning, and consequently slept the first day of the year away.

why am i hearing about the "word of the year" every other minute lately? is it that slow of a news period? there's an election coming up. do something with that.