Monday, March 26, 2007

Relocation Chronicle: 5 days left

Yesterday I sold my gargantuan television and actually managed to get it down the stairs thanks in large part to Tiffany's boyfriend Mike. Many, many thanks senor. Also, and this may be a moot point in today's age of flat-panel everythings, but I will NEVER acquire another CRT television or monitor in my life. I have my small 13" bedside set, but that's the limit.

I'm having Goodwill pickup my mattresses on Thursday. I ordered a brand new Sealy queen-size bed which will be delivered to my new apartment during the early evening on the day I fly into NY. I got a pretty good deal on it (look at me, Jewing up already!).

So now all I've really got to do is ship out my two large boxes of crap (not really crap -- my computers, sound system, clothes) and I"ll be good to go.

My roommate's name is Chen and she sounds like a super lady.

Back to work tomorrow. These last four days are going to be the longest I've had at this job.

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Jill in AR said...

PHILLIP!!! What? You are moving to NY?! I have been meaning to call you back...we do need to catch up. I'll give you a call soon; my work is kind of hectic right now. I have a client in NY and I spent some time there last summer which was a blast (of course ESPNZone in Times Square was the highlight for me)! If I come up there on a business trip we will have to meet up and go out. Good luck with the move!