Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Religious Dyslexicon

How rad* would it be if dyslexia were actually called drawkcab? Or Backwords?

I've always felt uncomfortable capitalizing "God" or even using the word "God" so I always just use "dog" in lieu. Somehow citing the concept dyslexically** seems ambivalent with regard to religious denomination.

Organized religion confounds everything. EVERY thing. I don't remember who came up with the metaphor of Christians trampling each other to death for a better look at Jesus dying on the cross to illustrate modern organized religion, but I think it's poignant.

My golden dog is my little laughing Buddha that Anna gave me (it is literally golden). I prefer the symbolic representation of my life's philosophy*** be a laughing chubby guy sitting down in a comfortable robe than an emaciated, bloody, tortured soul (albeit an heroic one who I esteem immensely as a person) nailed to a telephone pole. It's such an acerbic icon.

Why not portray a smiling Jesus, hugging a poor child or embracing a sick person? It's as if the intent of the crucifix is to intimidate people into believing instead of inspiring them to. The fire-and-brimston Jonathan Edwards crap is just textbook terrorism.

*I'm dusting off the word "rad." I'm bringing it back baby.

**Another word I've invented. Add it to "ignorami" (plural of "ignoramus"). It's a very useful word when discussing the South and/or politics.

***Buddhism is not a religion to me. I don't have a religion. Gleaning the positive aspects of Buddhism, and many religions, compromise my "life philosophy." It just works for me.

The Arcade Fire

Neon Bible (2007)

I can't over-emphasize how much I love this album. It may be my favorite of the year so far, even over the new Of Montreal.

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