Thursday, April 20, 2006

tartuffes for all eras

if and when i am ever on trial for a serious crime i would opt for the insanity defense. if i served time in federal prison i would be incessantly sodomized; i drop the soap in the shower at least once a week as it is. conversely i would do very well in an insane asylum. think of it -- all the meds you would ever want, soft, padded walls, meals and wardrobe pre-planned, no need to get out of bed to piss, free tv, and the most interesting people you are likely to meet. what's not to like?

lately i've been renting old movies from blockbuster. i considered "how green was my valley" but first read the plot synopsis, and it turns out the movie's NOT about a hooker who makes a ton of money.

not shocking really -- 1941 wasn't the most progressive of times for sex in films. "lolita" didn't come out until 1962 and the innuendo and symbolism alone (if you have a sick mind, as i do, and pick up on them) were considered scandalous, not to mention the plot. i find that drole -- only perverted minds understand the subtext, so the people complaining about the perversion must, by default, be perverted themselves. assumed didacticism isn't temporally dependent apparently. yeah, no shit sherlock.

currently listening: the mendoza line full of light and full of fire (2006)

shannon mcardle is a HOTTIE, and as we all know you have to be physically attractive to make good music. she sounds like a somewhat scaled-back neko case and i like it.


d said...

perverts scream about pervert-ness, and closet-queers commit gay-bashing.

Kind of subject but,

I am convinced that the Retarded Fred Phelps is a closet queer. Why else would he have such a profound hatred for the queer community?

did I say retarded, I meant the Reverend; willing to bet that the loyal and holy Fred Phelps drives up and down the streets of Topeka, looking for 14 years old boys to sodomize.

As for being incarcerated. I have been giving it a lot of thought lately and think that would be the best place for me.

No Job
Roomate wants me out by June 1
No Food
Desperation / time to visit the looney bin / sucide by cop if I believed in gun-ownership / applying at McDonald's

I think I would end up being someone's bitch though. Oh, well.

Phillip said...

i say it all the time: homophobic = homosexual; it's a textbook case of "methinks thou doth protest too much."

d said...

Yeah I agree.

But a little side-trip if you will.

"methinks thou doth protest too much"

Would that mean that every liberal is a conservative and every conservative is a liberal?

That every tree-hugging, dirt worshipper -which includes me- is just pissed that they can't drive a Hummer, or get a hummer for that matter.

There is a post on my blog, "Conservatives and why they hate us." should check it out. Quite funny, I think.