Wednesday, April 19, 2006


i keep mulling over this stupid, stupid, inspired idea of returning to school to get another degree/grad degree in polsci to be an environmental lobbyist, or something like it. i'm experiencing what i would correlate to baby fever in females, only much more masochistic, to prove to dad i'm not a fool... maybe i just need to change my a.c. filter. things don't feel natural or settled as they should.


bunny said...

Sounds like a noble pursuit, but realistically, what kind of job market is there for being a good guy? Don't all the idealists want to lobby for good causes?

(I think right now I might just be the voice of Satan, so ignore freely.)

But you'll be competing with other idealists, just with trust funds, who won't be carrying $40K in debt and can earn the $20K a year without going further in debt.

Phillip said...

well then i'll live in debt and be a poor miser who can sleep at night and not regret wasting his life. i am an idealist and aware of reality, and while "fighting the good fight" may not make a difference, it's still worth fighting. the means in themselves are the ends; the only time criminality triumphs is when good people cease to act. fight the fights that need fighting. and really, i could give a tinkler's fuck about money.

miXi said...

I worked for the environmental lobby in AK. It's really interesting stuff, listening to the stories our lobbiest would tell us. Many states have Conservation Leagues--the statewide version of the League of Conservation Voters. They are environmental lobbyists. I would look into that and see if there's on where you are. You can start volunteering or doing something with them to see if you like what they do (a lot of hardcore environmental purists think these guys are selling out, while I think these groups are the only ones operating in reality). It shouldn't be too hard to get in with a statewide group, learn the ropes, make a liveable salary (we were paid liveable salaries in AK, so I'm kind of assuming here). Then, with degree and experience in hand, you could probably move up to the national level. I have friends in high places there, if you'd ever like a contact.

Phillip said...

thanks for the suggestion mik, i'll keep that in mind. actually i went to the coastal conservation association of louisiana annual banquet this past thursday. they auction off items to raise money (plus open bar ;o). it's a good time.

it's funny really -- my boss is the fisher/hunter type, taxidermy on the walls of his office, which i'm not down with at all. but he's a member of the cca as well. it's nice to find common ground with people of differing political mindsets.