Friday, April 21, 2006

hallelujia it's raining zen

yesterday i bought the movie "happiness" (with the esteemed phillip seymour hoffman) on dvd. it's a great movie dealing with pedophilia, among other things.

i wondered how someone would develop a physical attraction to children like one of the characters. just the thought of it, to me, has the same effect as thinking about having sex with my mother (that dreadful oedipal notion that no man EVER wants in his head, especially during coital and/or masturbatory activities). it evokes a nauseating feeling of vile revulsion; it makes my skin crawl. but it's definitely a physical reaction -- biological, chemical, natural, etc.

the societal norm for men and women is to be attracted to (of age) members of the opposite sex, and most are. for those who are stimulated by people of the same sex, though, wouldn't you think the same physical, biological elements involved in heterosexual attraction exist in them, just for members of the same sex?

it's just so apparent to me that physical attraction is more than just culturally suggested mores -- it's something you can't help. for pedophiles nothing excuses taking advantage of children, but it says something about the nature of human attraction, and homosexuality. that, as i've always thought, it isn't just a choice, as the fred phelpses and jerry falwells of the world would have their sheeple believe (either because they're gay themselves and/or there's money to be made).

i've never really doubted that sexual orientation has little or nothing to do with just deciding one way or the other, this is just reinforcement.

also, the movie's opening scene with jon lovitz and jane adams is sublimely cathartic on a personal level.


miXi said...

did you know that biologically girls' bodies at about 13, 14, 15 years old are at their prime for having kids? I think, biologically, we were made to start young in order to have as many of them as possible before dying. it's really interesting--and freaky--the way our physical evolution has not caught up with our biological evolution. though I doubt that has much to do with the lead character's desire for little boys. actually, I don't even know if what I said above is true. I read it somewhere, but I can't remember where...

Phillip said...

and when you think of it not only has our physical evolution has not caught up with our biological evolution, but has regressed from it. wasn't it socially acceptable historically for older men to take wives who were 13,14,15? curious trend.