Tuesday, April 18, 2006

"hostel" spoiler warning

we're getting uniforms at work and i'm uncertain how i feel in regard. it's sort of like the frosted mini-wheats commercial: the adult in me is acerbic at anything "uniform" that derives people of individuality and forces them to conform. but the kid in me relishes not having to ever worry about what to wear to work again and getting three free shirts, thus the confliction. and the shirts aren't bad/ugly -- just short-sleeved, solid forest green with a little company logo, and khakis. i'm just principally against uniformity in general. my angst isn't that relevant; i have no choice in the matter if i want to keep my job. so mox nix.

i watched "hostel" last night, which quentin tarantino "produced." how fantastic it must be to get payed to affix your name to something. the movie: lots of gore, hot naked eastern european chicks (chicks?), not particularly entertaining. overall i never find horror movies that frightening. the scariest movie i've seen was "the mothman prophecies" and it was only pg-13, not that mpaa ratings necessarily mean anything.

it will be a cold day in lafayette when i go see any "scary movie" or "date movie" or any movie michael bay had a hand in making. it would be tantamount to watching "american idol." i'd rather have my eyeball pulled out like the asian girl in "hostel."

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Courtney said...

"Hostel" wasn't scary, it was gross. I almost threw up a few times watching it in the theatre. It was a waste of time. Good thing my friend works there and I didn't have to waste money on it.