Monday, April 24, 2006

cheap trick AND cutting crew: suck it

my headache is massive and i am bored. in truth i think i died, because i've had no communication with anyone today (not you lacey -- you're just dead too) and the internet seems barren.

yes i realize it's contrary to complain about too many calls on one day and the lack thereof on another. also it's puzzling that i develop a headache on a day in which i'm not being bothered at all. maybe i need to be needed.

actually -- i hate being needed but need to be wanted. or i drank too much caffeine.

oooohhhh god, oh geez. i feel an oncoming cd spending spree. whee.


Ian McGibboney said...

What's so wrong with Cheap Trick and Cutting Crew? I mean, in terms of the blues you're feeling. I understand them. But "I Just Died in Your Arms" is a masterwork!

Phillip said...

right you are sir. it ranks among such gems as "oh, sherry" by journey and "all out of love" by air supply.