Tuesday, April 25, 2006

more, more, more... how do you like it

europe is very appealing right now. everything seems so much more efficient, and advanced. americans like everything inordinately BIG. big vehicles, big tits, big guns, big oil, big bombs, big bank accounts, big houses, all to compensate for small penises. europeans, IF they drive, have cars actually called "minis." we name our vehicles after fellatio (the modest "hummer") and abstractions (the ford "focus?" ironic since the moniker renders your visual interpretation of the vehicle nothing but blurry).

our governemtn spends more on big guns and bombs than any other country in the world, nay, in HISTORY. someone please explain to people that a small penis isn't a character flaw -- it's not something you have much control over, and thus shouldn't be delusionally beating or killing people to compensate for. don't bring the rest of us non-aestheticists (invented word) down with you.

what does it say that the phrase "big, swinging dick" is equated to supreme power? and is there something on par concerning vaginas? the big, gaping vagina? doesn't have the same bombast. i blame john "women are things" cassavetes. and of course 9/11. and clinton.

proof that i practice what i preach -- i sold my 30" flat panel monitor in lieu of a 19", which displaces at least half the size. i'm immersed in possession reduction, since they're fleeting anyway, by nature. i'm not going for minimalism necessarily, just a bit of fat-trimming. although i have been listening to alot of philip glass.

also, my left nut for an effective mass transit system in this town. the destitue petrol-dependents out there are probably with me.


Ian McGibboney said...

Tell me about it! The nearest bus stop from my home is about a mile away. It's kinda pointless to ride my bike to catch the bus.


"Big Swinging", the biggest baddest and boldest in business. Their escapades make for great fodder.