Monday, April 24, 2006

white house approved culture of life letter to media

from the always riotous

I Support President Bush on CULTURE OF LIFE!

Dear Pinko Reporter - President Bush asked me to tell you how DISGUSTED us mainstream ultra-evangelicals are with your SICKENING disrespect for human life! He and the Pope are RIGHT about how condom use is immoral interference with life, but plugging drooling zombies into smoothie machines is A-OK. Because even if Terri Schiavo's brain was the size of a marshmallow peep, her eyes were OPEN, and that's PROOF she was THINKING - just like when RONALD REAGAN had NO MEMORY of a criminal conspiracy to sell arms to evildoers. As for ABORTION - the lives of pea-sized womb boogers are WAY more sacred than dumb girls who practically BEG for incestuous rape by dressing like tramps. Besides, everyone knows that parasitic tadpole people deserve PROTECTION - at least until they're born and start begging for pork barrel handouts like education and healthcare, or get convicted by all-white juries for being total retarded minors. So stop QUESTIONING the President's CULTURE OF LIFE, otherwise foreigners think it's OK to be uppity when He wants to bomb Arabiac babies and grandmas who are guilty of terrorism-by-proximity! Sheesh! Read a poster already!

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