Sunday, February 12, 2006

things i would rather do than watch the winter olympics

  • drink paint
  • scar myself with a (lit) cigarette
  • watch "american idol"
  • eat KFC
  • attend a high school football game
  • lick a frozen flag pole (ala flick)
  • shave my nether regions while blidnfolded and drunk
  • get a bikini wax
  • fuck an unconscious homeless person
  • buy enron stock
  • vote republican
  • go to a monster truck rally
  • join the army national guard
  • go to the keg on sorority night (local thing)
  • rent and watch "the dukes of hazzard"
  • listen to fm radio
  • watch mtv, vh1, etc.
  • subscribe to "sports illustrated"
  • join the nra
  • wipe my ass with a brillo pad
  • tattoo "mother" across my chest
  • be an elementary school janitor, or lunchlady
  • change my name to sunshine and spend a month in prison
  • go hunting
  • attend a cockight
  • be locked in a room with steven cojocaru for one hour

i don't like the olympic games.

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