Monday, February 13, 2006


my own contribution to the hunting brick-a-brack:

  • cheney comes out of the vegetarian closet
  • dick cheney hunts R greatest game: man
  • vice president makes a stand for animal rights
  • satan swings and misses
  • cheney blasts old man in face with shotgun*
  • veep finally gets combat experience
  • cheney git-r-done
  • dick shoots first, evades questions later

*personal favorite

the shooting itself seems purely accidental, and frankly i don't really care. the man is direcly responsible for tens of thousands of deaths as it stands; what's one more.

here's the rub as i see it, garnered from the limited info i've read/heard thus far:

on washington journal ths morning people were mentioning that he may have been drinking at the time (hence the 18-hour delay in reporting the story), which, if true, has serious legal consequences. it's not that far-fetched, since g.o.p. g.o.b. (good ol' boy) s.o.b.'s love their guns n' ammo n' hooch.

out of the million or so licensed hunters in texas only 29 accidental shootings occur each year. cheney may not even have had a hunting license at the time, although i'm sure he does now. a nice pre-dated one.

there is a GREAT post on dailykos about the true significance of this story (i encourage anyone and everyone to read it). an excerpt:

It's a perfect analogy for the way they have conducted their entire administration--and all the biggest flaws of this presidency are on display in one little vividly portrayed story.

A little story that has tremendous sway because, let's face it: THE VICE PRESIDENT JUST ACTUALLY SHOT ANOTHEHUMAN BEING. The imagery is clear and potent--and not subject to the typical political "he said, she said."

There is no way to play the usual equivocating politics with a story about the vice president ACTUALLY SHOOTING SOMEONE.

And that's why I guarantee you this story isn't going away: It's a perfect way for the press to indict the entire Administration through the perfect metaphor. And they'll be able to do it without retribution, or accusations that both sides aren't being fairly presented.

also i wonder how charlton heston feels about all this.

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