Monday, January 30, 2006

the "juliana hatfield" concert

i was going to lie to the blogworld and proclaim that friday night's some girls concert in baton rouge was life-changing. i was front-and-center, juliana hatfield cooing for me and me alone, playing all my favorites. freda love gave me her drum sticks.

alas, the "some girls" playing at the bastard club, the spanish moon (henceforth boycotted), were not the indie pop trio comprised of two-thirds of the blake babies, but a lame and formulaic metal band. i'm assuming. we didn't bother going once we found out.

obviously i'm disappointed, but more than anything i'm pissed at the club for its obvious deception. several of my attempts to contact them to confirm that the band playing was that of juliana hatfield went unanswered. i have no doubt in my mind this was intentional.

i woke up saturday morning (afternoon) with two rocks in my coat pocket. i theorize that, in my drunken ire my intention was to hurl them at the club. i'm glad i didn't, but i WILL be hurling some scathing and ill-tempered e-mails to the club's owners. probably not wanting for expletives.

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Joe said...

I saw Juliana Hatfield in about 1994 or 95 at a little club in NO. A happiness riot broke out during the concert. She played an a cappella version of Weezer's Say It Ain't So as one of her encore songs. This was right after the Blue Album came out and before that song became popular. But I had the CD and that was my favorite song on the album and she was singing it for me and me alone. Then she sang Spin the Bottle to close the show. Euphoria. Pure elation. Beauty and truth. Profound joy. Good show.