Thursday, January 26, 2006

ado about nothing

we're spending upwards of $300 billion in iraq over a war that ultimately began when 3,000 americans were killed.

millions die of poverty in this country every year but we gut social services to finance tax cuts for people making over $300,000 and no-bid contracts to huge corporations.

it seems illogical doesn't it? this kind of thing happens when emotions trummp intellect.

people who support this war and this administration aren't stupid by any means, they're just emotionally immature. they lack the ability to reason and rationalize prior to letting their instincts dictate their behavior.

it's wrath and revenge that underlie support for a pointless war perceived as retribution for those 3,000 murders on seven-eleven.

but so few get irate about the millions dead from poverty in this country, the supposed greatest in the world.

our medical capabilites are beyond that of any other nation (i still believe), yet the only people who can afford them are the same ones who get the president's tax cut.

all this controversy and ire and back-and-forth over the war are so utterly needless, as is the war itself. our priorities are so misguided and myopic.

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