Tuesday, November 15, 2005

pubic hair lies

yesssssss.... george bush lies. someone said to me today "okay, name ONE bush lie". after a moment of silence in which i experienced a w.o.p.p.e.r.-style tic-tac-toe brain meltdown, i came up with this list of quotes off the top of my head:
  • mission accomplished
  • brownie you're doing a heckuva job
  • noone predicted the levees would break
  • noone could have imagined them hijacking airplanes
  • iraq sought to buy yellowcake uranium from africa
  • saddam has denied access to u.n. weapons inspectors
  • iraq has weapons of mass destruction
  • we know exactly where they are
  • freedom is on the march
  • we will be welcomed as liberators
  • i'm a uniter not a divider
  • i released all my national guard records
  • social security is in serious and immediate jeopardy
  • iraq has aided al qaeda
  • cost of his medicare bill
  • i'm against nation-building
  • the vast majority of my tax cuts go to people at the bottom
  • the united states does not torture
if anyone wants to add some more, feel free. it's not hard. just find anything that's ever come out of his mouth.


jenny said...

so how did the 'someone' react to that? :)

Phillip said...

as always there were alot of "wells..." and "ums...." and some talking points. it's so easy to refute anything a modern-day republican comes at you with that it's not even fun anymore. still satisfying though :)

Flamingo Jones said...

I'm feeling so uninspired at this exact second, that I briefly considered cross-posting my MySpace comment as well as my posts. But that's just ridiculous. Even if it was a lot funnier than this one.

Phillip said...

ha, you may as well. let the scant few who read my blog enjoy your comments.

Ian McGibboney said...

--"I'm a man of peace."
--"No one wants war."
--"I quit drinking."
--"I choked on a pretzel."
--"We are doing every thing we can to help Louisiana." (Did he even say this?)
--"I am not a crook." (Not Bush, obviously, but if he did say this it would be a lie.)