Tuesday, November 15, 2005

2005, a.d.

by now the majority of the world knows that "arrested development", my raison d'etre, has been cancelled. you'd think such news would devastate me, but frankly i've been expecting it. i was surprised in the first place that it got a second, much less a third, season out of fox (which sees fit to air such quality programming as "life on a stick", "trading spouses: meet your new mommy", "so you think you can dance", "nanny 911", "the simple life", "andy richter controls the universe", "tru calling", "point pleasant", "method and red", "a minute with stan hooper", "wanda at large", etc.).

if i want to try and look on the bright side i can take solace that the writers of the show didn't get the chance to run out of material and force out extra seasons thereby tarnishing my memories of it (i'm looking at you "friends") . it will always remain my perfect, otherworldly, favorite thing of all time. and not just on tv.

and really, should i expect anything less from this world besides the cancellation of the greatest show ever aired? we're the ones who crucified jesus, for fuck's sake. we destroy everything that's truly good.


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