Wednesday, October 12, 2005

thank harry for harriet

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this whole harriet miers thing has been wonderful for me. conservatives are turning on each other -- it's become the bush loyalists versus the social conservatives who assumed their support during the election would ensure pro-life supreme court nominees. now they're finally realizing what the rest of us have known for some time -- that bush and his cronies are concerned only with maintaining power and increasing their own fortunes and those of corporations who supported their campaigns.

bush can't put a person on the supreme court who would want to fully overturn roe v. wade; it would be political suicide for the republican party. one, even the majority of evangelicals and christians don't want it overtunred. two, the republicans have used it advantageously as a hot-button issue in campaigns forever. if roe were overturned the republican party would not with another national election for 30 years.

on fox news sunday morning i watched as bill kristol and brit hume, two conservatives and despicable human beings, go after each other over whether miers is a good nomination. when anne coulter goes on bill maher's show and criticizes the president for his nominee you know the house of usher is sinking into the mud.

so why did bush nominate this person? how could he not know what controversy it would stir among his own people? i've heard that it may be because karl rove (the brain) has been distracted by his forthcoming indictment and didn't point out what an obvious political mistake it would be. i'm sure this played a hand.

my belief is that the credit all goes to harry reid. i remember bush saying how he met with several democratic senators (reid included) and that one suggestion was that he find somebody who had never been a judge. i think harry reid suggested this to bush, knowing that he would pick a woman to replace sandra day o'connor and/or someone enmeshed in his own personal circle, as he is always wont to do.

so reid manipulates the predictable bush into shooting himself in the foot. harry reid proved that he is an extremely savvy politician during the social security reform debate, and personally i'm going to give the credit for this one to him. just my theory.

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