Tuesday, October 11, 2005

hope they don't walk

a 64-year old black man in new orleans beaten by three white new orleans police officers -- was it racially motivated? OF COURSE it was racially motivated. this is the deep south, the bible belt. the stereotype of the good ol' boy beer-bellied southern cop is alive and well.

the victim says he wasn't drinking when the beating took place. i don't believe him, but i don't care. what legitimate reason do three cops have to beat anyone that badly? three full-grown men kneeling on top of a single man generally render that man incapacitated, right? what could warrant repeatedly striking him to the point of leaving blood on the sidewalk?

stress? who in america ISN'T stressed about something right now? we work more days without vacation than almost any other country, we're at war (remember, war?), noone has a job, noone has medical coverage, we can't afford to drive anywhere, and mother nature seems to be on the rag for us.

everybody's stressed out. a scant few feel the need to beat an old man as a result.

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