Sunday, October 16, 2005

and happy boss's day

yes i know, i've been johnny-no-post lately. i'm in san antonio visiting my parents. my brother in the navy earned his pilot's wings this weekend so i came for the ceremony. free uncle sam hooch -- what could be better.

it completely boggles my mind that my little brother is going to be flying fighter jets. i consider it a productive day personally if i clean out my cat's shit box and avoid getting drunk. it's a comparative nightmare.

but i'll get over it. i'll take solace in my new iPod 30G. here's some reasons why it completely kicks the nano's bony ass:
  • holds fifteen (15) times as much music
  • if you saw how small the 30G actually is you would understand the uselessness of the nano
  • literally the size of a deck of cards
  • 15 hour battery life, so 15 hours to avoid conversation with strangers
  • seemingly infinite selection of accessories and adapters
the saints of new orleans are playing a home game here in san antonio today versus the falcons. from what my parents tell me the game is sold out. people in this city are apparently pretty excited about the prospect of having a pro football team here.

the san antonio santos? the san antonio chicas? the san antonio san antonians? the "qualcom in association with at&t presents the san antonio football kickers"?

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