Tuesday, October 11, 2005

moo, honey

a.d.2 drops today! look how hip i am, using "drop". like it's hot.

last night i dreamt i was a high school farm boy. my parents' house was very posh but we could never enjoy it because the fields needed tending. if you don't know, i hate agriculture. nothing depresses me more than the notion of having to "bring in" a crop or feeding barnyard sheep. i loathe farm culture -- country music, pickup trucks (i drove one to school in my dream), cowboy hats, cowboys, tractors, sunlight, bugs, boots, all of it. even driving by a farm or a sugar cane field makes me uncomfortable.

maybe sugar cane fields in louisiana will become less prevalent in the future. thanks, cafta.

so, why the farm dream. i fell asleep to the weather channel, maybe there was a farm report on at some time. or my subconscious wants more vegetables in my diet (i just ate a bag of potato chips, fuck).

you know you're getting old when: an extended warranty excites you. something could go wrong with this expensive piece of equipment, but i don't have to worry about it for 2 years.

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