Wednesday, October 19, 2005

dick, spread your cheeks and lift your sack

file under: politics

the big independent investigation into the valerie plame leak seems to be coming to a head, and most analysts and pundits agree that indictments are coming soon. it seems pretty sure-fire that karl rove and scooter libby are effed in the A, but i've also heard pillow talk that the vice president himself may be indicted.

speculation has it that the indictments may be handed down this week, but i've also heard that it is equally likely that the climax will happen on monday. this makes me extremely happy with the universe, and here's why:

monday is my birthday. the big 2-7. normally i don't tout my birthday because i'm averse to shameless self-promotion of any kind and soliciting congratulatory sentiments, but if rove, libby, and especially cheney went down on my birthday it would signify to me that i am doing something right in my life. karma will have rewarded me.

kurt cobain, jimi hendrix, janis joplin, and jim morrison all committed suicide at 27. since i'm a misunderstood genius on the same par (*wink), here's hoping i see 28. maybe i'll just keep turning 27 for the next several years.

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