Thursday, October 20, 2005

the li'l'est exterminator

file under: politics

happy 9th birthday to the $5.15 minimum wage. ted kennedy recently tried to pass a bill increasing it but it was voted down 51-47. at least all the democrats voted for it. sorry gas station attendants -- you're stuck with your $10,000-per-year earnings. good luck with that. i heard somewhere that the adjusted-for-inflation minimum wage in 2005 should be $7.00+ an hour. but that would expand the middle class, and we can't have that in this elitist society of ours.

tom delay was issued an arrest warrant. i've been looking all over the web for the pdf file or a picture of it, to no avail. the man i call the "the li'l'est exterminator" is going to have to have a mugshot taken. i'm hoping for something along the lines of nick nolte after a bender. that picture will not only go in my shrine to universal justice, but i'm also going to go to kinko's and make thousands of copies to plaster on my apartment walls.

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