Monday, October 03, 2005

balls in the salad shooter en masse

in the preview for this week's episode of "e-ring" kelly rutherford's character says in a dramatic fashion, "let's wake up the president". it was comforting to think that at least the pentagon people were working at 2 p.m. on a tuesday. think about it... wait for it.... THERRRE it is.

incidentally i don't watch "e-ring". i generally boycott anything with jerry bruckheimer's name on it, ever since "pearl harbor" rendered me motionless for a week, speechless for a month and flaccid for a year.

it's been a bad week for republicans, and thus a pretty good one for me. tom delay finally got indicted for all the fund-raising tomfoolery (yes, haha), bill frist is waist-deep in pump-and-dump stock skullduggery, bill bennett wants to to reduce crime by aborting black babies, and "scooter" libby may be going to federal prison for outing a c.i.a. agent.

where's your god now moses, ehh? we should just let them investigate themselves right?

it's going to be interesting to see what information comes out when all of these cosa nostra motherfuckers start singing to save their own asses. no honor among thieves, you know. i hope that the indictments and trials get drawn out so they're still in the minds of the public for the '06 elections. then, if the democrats get the house back the impeachment proceedings can... proceed.

speaking of trials, happy 10th birthday o.j. verdict.

viva la revolution.

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