Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the people at the zoo are real nice penguin

i know it's been a rough year -- what with the pullout of gaza and all -- but happy rash hashana to all my jewish friends. since i only have two friends and neither are jewish that doesn't make sense, but mazel tov just the same.

my imaginary friend is a scientologist and he keeps harping on me to stop taking my mood-stabilizers. i've shouted at him so many times to quit bringing it up that from now on i'm just going to bludgeon him in his imaginary nads. that's my purse! i don't know you!

ironically all the nagging and arguing over the issue made me up my dosage.

delay got indicted again! this time for money laundering, which carries with it a possible maximum sentence of LIFE. my sweet lord, the sight of hot tub tom in an orange jumpsuit would just make my year. that picture would serve as my desktop wallpaper until rapture.

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