Monday, September 12, 2005

suck my balls republicans, long and hard

it's always unbelievable how bush celebrates the inception of his supposed "era of accountability" after bill clinton's term but repeatedly rails against playing "the blame game" when the mistake is his, which is always.

everything for him is a dog-and-pony show. he doesn't govern, he only pretends to. look at the suppsed town hall meetings he had with the public during the 2004 campaign. everyone was pre-screened, questions were scripted, aides were planted. any public speaking venue at all was cleansed of dissent, so the crowd appeared to be 100% supportive. it's all a facade.

as is the perception that america has taken some turn towards conservativism because all three branches of government are currently republican. i don't think people suddenly felt a pang of conscience and decided to vote for someone they thought was virtuous (no neo-conservative has ever come close to "virtuous"). neo-cons claimed the moral high ground during elections, saying jesus was on their side. and why would anyone believe otherwise?

because the media has been and is criminally reticent in conducting anything semblant to actual journalism since september 11. maybe it's laziness, or fear of beind denied access, or being called "unpatriotic" for asking relevant questions that has caused this tilt towards naive acceptance. whatever the cause, the lack of respect for the truth is killing our democracy.

as a result the public at large is misinformed and votes against its own best interests. mr. and mrs. bumper-sticker-reader vote for their candidate because he or she touts "traditional values" and, for instance, says marriage should be reserved for heterosexuals. who cares about torte reform or bankrupcy restrictions or the environment or the other non-sexy myriad of issues that affect our lives directly - just don't let the faggety-fags get married. it hurts my mind.

and i don't understand the evangelical support for this administration. i don't understand how people believe that it's possible to be a good christian while supporting war. i don't understand how it's okay to be anti-choice while supporting the death penalty. i don't understand cognitive dissonance.

it's well-known among non-ostriches that bush, as governor of texas, signed off on more executions than any governor in u.s. history, but inconvenient little tidbits like that - formerly known as FACTS - have little bearing on today's brain-dead self-delusional conservative religioso poseur. maybe it's pride; not wanting to admit that the person they voted for and supported is a braying jackass. regardless, it's destructive.

kanye west said that george bush doesn't care about black people. i agree, only i would say that he doesn't care about people lacking money, black or white.

so what is the conservatives' ultimate intent? i think they're striving for some capitalist utopia in which corporations are the only entities with rights and people whose only fault was being born into poverty can't vote (like modern-day ohio). affirmative action for rich white people! the poor dears...

and i will put it in writing - george bush did not beat al gore, he did not beat john kerry, and he probably didn't beat anne richards for the texas governorship. american democracy is an oxymoron.

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