Thursday, September 15, 2005

the answer to a question nobody asked

john roberts looks like a robot. i keep waiting for him to peel aways his face and kill everyone with his eye laser. roberts... KILL! roberts... SMASH!

here's my impression of republican questions directed at john roberts during his supreme court hearing:
  • what is your favorite color?
  • just how great was ronald reagan? (that was an actual question)
  • president bush's popularity seems to be growing like a kudzu vine. your thoughts?
  • if i had two apples, and my friend bobby ate one, how many apples would i have left?
  • concerning roe v. wade and stare decisis, don't you think bo brice got robbed?
  • what should brittney name her baby?
  • do you support abortions for penguins?

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