Monday, September 12, 2005

bye-bye brain

since there are so many shows i'm going to have to encorporate into my week once the fall season gets under way i've decided to go all organizational up in this motha and come up with a schedule.

sunday: i record the animation on fox (the simpsons, family guy) while watching the west wing on nbc at 8:00 and law & order: criminal intent at 9:00

monday: arrested development, 7 p.m., fox. record and watch repeatedly

tuesday: taping the biggest loser on nbc while enjoying gilmore girls on the wb (the station for white, teenage, idiot girls. and twentysomething men.). law & order svu at 9, nbc.

wednesday: law & order, 9 on nbc.

thursday: csi, avoid nbc like grim death

friday: no good programming whatsoever.

saturday: night live

i could have also listed the shows that i predict will fail hard but i'm tired. maybe on the morrow.

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