Friday, September 16, 2005

refute bitch!

this letter in our local rag outraged me so that i have a carnal need to rebut. and since any letter to the editor i would submit in response would be frought with "fuck" and "dumbass" and "fuck" i'll just post my thoughts here, on what i like to call my "blog". my comments are colored (and colorful, imo).

News flash [already i detest the self-righteousness]! Hurricanes are now racist according to the liberal Democrat Jesse Jackson [you mean accouding to what rush limbaugh said jesse jackson said]. It is also racist to call a criminal a criminal [jackson said it was racist to label all blacks criminals because some took televisions while most took food. sorry booby]. Jackson and the racist Congressional Black Caucus (whites are excluded) [from the congressional black caucus? madness.] and other liberal politicians have been all over the news with this important information. According to them, George Bush caused Hurricane Katrina, the tsunami and every other natural disaster that has hit this country [when did anyone ever blame any one person for any natural disaster? seriously].

Where was the preparedness of this state prior to the hurricane? Is the governor not in charge of the National Guard [yes but geroge sent half of them to the desert. lots of hurricanes there, fucker]. Where was Mayor Nagin's preparedness for the hurricane? Why did the mayor of New Orleans not enforce the evacuation [does the word "mandatory" not mean what i think it means? inconceivable.]? Why did the people not leave [since everyone had a car and a place to go, i really can't answer that one. oh wait i do know. because you're an ASS.]? It is a lot easier to blame Bush for everything [pretty easy since it's always his fault, yeah]. Even the weather forecasters could not predict where the storm would hit. At first, it was to hit the Fort Walton-Destin area. It was then to hit Alabama, then Mississippi, then Louisiana, maybe Texas. Was President Bush supposed to have enforcement along the whole Gulf Coast from Florida to Texas? [er... yes? he declared louisiana to be in a state of emergency two days before the storm hit, so it seems he was aware pre-landfall] The liberals will stop at nothing, blinded by their hatred, [liberals aren't supposed to hate, but he's right, i do hate bush. he costs lives and is a deplorable animal. but no emotion ever blinds me personally] to try to destroy the president. They have not offered any solutions, as usual [all we DO is offer solutions you retarded fuck! have aid ready, fund the levees, bring the troops home... these are solutions dickhead!].

The real culprit was Hurricane Katrina. The left could not wait to blame President Bush [that's true, but nor could the right on this one since it was so blatantly his fault]. The first day after the hurricane, I heard on the news the reason for the storm was because the president caused global warming and he did not sign the Kyoto agreement [you may indeed have heard that since you only watch fox news, cmt, nickelodeon, and filter your information intake based on only what you want to hear. i only heard that the storms may be stronger on the average because of global warming, that pesky theory]. The truth is there were plenty of catastrophic storms long before man [agreed], long before machines and long before factories [agreed, agreed]. A lot of them were worse than Katrina. Even hurricane experts agree global warming has nothing to do with the hurricanes [ahem, au contraire lab partner]. They occur every year and have done so for as long as this world has existed [noone blames the existence of hurricanes on global warming, just their severity. prick].

I suggest there are enough problems existing without the blame game [do you listen to republican talking points? amazing how they all use the words "blame game" on the same day and don't want to play it. "let's not play the blame game, now's not the time. but it was the mayor's fault!"]. The solution now is to act together to help our neighbors. This is not the time to try to score political points using the destruction of Katrina as the catalyst [what was the point of this letter? how many times did you say "liberal"?].

Al Louviere [, ignorant asshole extraordinaire]


i'm very fortunate that i firmly believe in karma otherwise i'd find this jackass, beat him with the severed leg of a pig and leave him with a can of lysol up his ass. he writes to the advertiser frequently and usually i just giggle girlishly at his foundless posturing, so i don't konw how the bee raped my bonnet today.

it's all transference; accusing your opponent exactly of that which you are guilty of. case-in-point: the class warfare cry. (r)'s say (d)'s legislate against that wealthiest 5%, (d)'s say (r)'s legislate against the poorest 95%. and they're both correct. "which is worse?" is not at all a rhetorical question here.

again, i try not to hate anyone. but fee-fi-fo-fum i hates me a republican.

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