Saturday, July 23, 2005

an r.e.m. dream mix-tape

r.e.m. was the only band i was infatuated with in high school that i'm proud to admit to. aside from them, i was pretty much a radio listener ("radio song" reference there).

favorite r.e.m. albums: fables of the reconstruction, document, new adventures in hi-fi. really though, which one of theirs isn't good.

songs in no particular order:
  1. daysleeper
  2. maps and legends
  3. begin the begin
  4. crush with eyeliner
  5. fall on me
  6. the great beyond
  7. the wake-up bomb
  8. swan swan h
  9. welcome to the occupation
  10. 9-9
  11. monty got a raw deal
  12. so fast, so numb
  13. superman
  14. binky the doormat
  15. the one i love
  16. these days
  17. texarkana
  18. radio free europe
  19. bad day
  20. new test leper
  21. exhuming mccarthy
  22. pop song 89
  23. crazy
  24. toys in the attic

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