Thursday, July 21, 2005

myopia utopia

look at the shiny kitty america. see how it glitters and dangles hypnotically, swinging to and fro, dancing as a leaf caught in a gust. you MUST gaze at it intently, YOU must gaze at it intenly, you must GAZE at it intently.

the president's supreme court nominee is a quick pick meaning to draw attention from the blatant trainwreck that is karl rove. they know that they're unequivocally screwed, and when the glorious day comes that rove is, as joe wilson says, "frog-marched" out of the white house i will be sitting naked on the floor of my living room in front of my big-screen tv eating chicken out of a bucket and rubbing butter on myself in between bong hits. oh happy day.

but they are a crafty bunch. consider that rove is the main reason that the republicans have the white house, congress and supreme court (he has his dirty fingers in all kinds of pies), and nothing is out of the realm of possibility about what they'll do to preserve themselves.

and the rove scandal is just the edge of the wedge when you put it in the greater context of what this administration did to make the case for war in iraq, upon which we spend $5 billion a month. and all the deaths. people dying is bad, mmkay.

make sure you peruse the news people. they smile to your face, the back-stabbers.

sign the air america petition to fire karl rove

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