Friday, July 01, 2005

regarding premarital sex

i'm all for it, but i'm completely against the institution of marriage in general.

i often say that lafayette would be a great place to live if it weren't for all the people. good ideas are always spoiled when you factor in human nature.

organized religion seems like a great thing, but look at the scandals and wars and conflicts that arise because of human infallibility and abuse of the system. marriage seems great; commitment and love and family and all that crap, but people drag it through the mud with infidelity and divorce and pettiness.

as it is with government - capitalism seems like an ideal economic model but look how corrupt it can become when people abuse it (especially apparent of late). communism, socialism, marxism are all great ideas, but they would never or never have worked because of man. and woman.

all these ideals that people strive for are virtuous and noble, but they're also total illusions and utterly impractical. a perfect example - christo-fascists (to differentiate from all christians, most christians are good) preach abstinance only. great idea, sounds 100% sure-fire.

oh, no, wait... kids wanna fuck. the promise of hell isn't going to dissuade them, and when they make the beast they're going to do it unsafely. great job on sticking to your principles though. make sure to be understanding with your newly-pregnant chlamydia-ridden teen.

this is my analogy: pedestrians typically always have the right-of-way when crossing the street at crosswalks, so does that mean that when you're traversing the road you don't have to check to see if a car is coming? of course not. wrap the drapery of correctness about you when you lay down dead, it should be great consolation.

and when did monogamy become contingent upon a church ceremony and a certificate? it seems to me that all that does is put undo pressure on relationships, which are difficult enough as it is. it's like when you tell a child that they can play with any toy except THAT toy - which one are they going to want to play with the most? it's the forbidden fruit curse.

when people ask me if i support gay marriage i say no because i don't support marriage at all. but i'm not going to try to force people into doing or not doing something because it's my personal belief. who the fuck am i?

people trying to legislate their religious beliefs need to get over themselves. and suck my fat one.

this is my new favorite song. the album is a little disappointing.

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