Thursday, June 30, 2005

go fudge yourself get the fudge out

i've only encorporated television back into my life for about a week and already my brain is stifled from lack of exercise. hours spent in front of the tv definitely have an inverse relationship with my willingness to devote serious thought to anything. and i only have basic cable.

there have been not-so-fresh-faced job-seekers walking in and out of the office all week because we have an opening. they're some of the most annoying, ill-tempered, impatient motherlovers that i've ever encountered. did i act like that when i was job hunting? calling 5 times a day? stopping by ten minutes after i just hung up with you telling you that i'll tell the boss to call you?

i am now going to make a concerted effort in telling the boss NOT to hire you because you annoyed me so fucking much, not out of spite but because i really don't want to work with someone who doesn't know better. the line between persistence and annoyance is not a fine one fellas, have some tact. and suck my balls.

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