Monday, July 04, 2005

hubris on the global scale

i read this quote from the op-ed page of the local rag:
Reflect today on our freedoms, and on the responsibilities they bring. Then celebrate. Let it be a day that is uplifting and joyful in its patriotism and national unity.

shouldn't we reflect every day on freedom and responsibility, and patriotism? i try to. it's heartening though to know that at least one day out of the year the population at large does as well, and to see people reveling in their views that it's the greatest day in the history of the world (quoted from the same rag).

forgive me if i'm a tad soured on americapride these days. i'm just not willing to stick my head in the sand and pretend things are rosy in order to boost my own ego or beat my national chest, or whatever the reason is that people do it.

at any rate, god bless what the u.s.a. is supposed to be.

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