Wednesday, May 04, 2005

you are a good movie

i just had an odd craving for a roasted marshmallow. or maybe i just want to burn something.

i've been meaning to write about this since i saw the film, but have just been inexplicably reticent. call it reflection time, or more accurately laziness. anyway.

the thrust of the documentary DIG! is this: anton newcombe, of the brian jonestown massacre, is a troubled genious. but i don't think he is. i think he's insane.

anton is a dilettante who plays every instrument known to man, and evidently thinks he is god's gift to every one. he spews vitriol to and humiliates his bandmates while onstage, picks fights with the crowd, and is staunchly beligerent towards any representative from the recording industry, and other artists who sign deals with them.

i'll concede that the music anton writes is good; it's not completely my taste, but i recognize quality efforts and give them their due (appreciation and adulation aren't mutually dependent).

but i don't think it warrants the deification of its creator, by any means. during the documentary, if i remember correctly, he was compared to lou reed and bob dylan, and/or maybe john lennon.

succinctly, methinks not. history may look back on the brian jonestown massacre as an underappreciated group (which i think is true), but this is in large part due to newcombre's childish rebellion against the music business and any and all things that would allow a greater audience exposure to their art.

but to bitch about his band's otiose status in the music world and lack of exposure at the same time you shun the method by which you have the best chance of getting said exposure is just jackassinine*.

plus music snobs really stick in my craw. snobs of any kind really. also he wears tunics like he's some reject from the polyphonic spree, who i also abhor.

aside from my qualms with the detestable attitude of anton newcombre and all the self-destruction, the film itself is stellar. take into account that the dandy warhols are one of my favorite bands, but i think my film connoisseur friend murph will agree that it's a great documentary, especially for the music lover.

incidentally, i also loved the metallica documentary (metallica: some kind of monster) that came out not long ago, despite my total dislike (politely put) of their music and ire at their anti-file-sharing money-money-more-money statements.

anycrap, rent or buy DIG!

*phizz trademark

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