Tuesday, May 03, 2005

you are a bad movie

doesn't it feel good to have family guy back? it almost SOMEWHAT allays my grief over the cancellation of arrested development, and perhaps provides hope that one day the douches at the fox network will decide to bring it back as well.

over the weekend i rented i heart huckabees, with dustin hoffman, lily tomlin, jason schwartzman, mark wahlberg, jude law*, naomi watts, and others that i didn't recognize. the concept of the movie is stellar: schwartzman hires two existential detectives (hoffman and tomlin) to provide some insight into three chance run-ins he had with a tall 18-year old african, and whether it has some deeper meaning or is pure coincidence.

and somewhere in there other characters emerge and seek out answers to their own what's-it-all-mean questions. it's very personally relatable.

but it's also very generalized and specious. never during the movie do any of the revelations or respective catharses follow a logical or detailed rationale; i.e. i have no idea what the characters' ultimate conclusions were or how they reached them, just that they did, in fact, reach them.

there was alot of potential in the movie for some really innovative storylines and great concepts, but it just seemed like random existential ideas peppered with (some) funny idiosyncrasies.

maybe this is because of my own imperceptiveness, but for me it was just a huge disappointment. great idea (i love camus), just lazy execution.

*is anyone else completely sick of jude law? also sick of: nicole kidman, orlando bloom, julia roberts, sean penn, johnny depp, jello ( jennifer lopez), et many al. i guess they all have to strike while the iron's hot.

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