Thursday, May 05, 2005

argh, and "oh sweet jesus"

months and years are short, the days and weeks long. it seems every day is the same day; it's always thursday or sunday or tuesday. they meld into each other seemlessly, and i have to constantly remind myself of what day it is. or sometimes what month it is. how have we gotten into may of 2005 already? fuck.

i tried to buy yogurt at wal-mart a few days ago. i was looking for a sugar-free version, but do you have any idea how many kinds of yogurt there are? i was completely overwhelmed. i started to peruse the varieties - brands, textures, flavors, light versus low-fat, fat-free versus reduced calorie... on and on and on. maybe one-third of the way through i started crying and curled up into a ball right there on the dairy section floor.

how is an emotionally unstable person supposed to sift through all that? i can't contend with so many options; i have a difficult enough time with your standard soup-or-salad dilemmas, much less this multiple-choice onslaught.

i have the same problem with over-the-ocunter sleep aids, lean cuisines, gum (with flavors that don't tell you anything about what it actually tastes like), hot pockets, clothes, items at the checkout counter (with the added pressure of having to decide before you have to pay), going out or staying in, eating or sleeping, cleaning the apartment or sleeping, sex or sleeping, being generally productive or sleeping, and sleeping more or getting up. i'm much too fragile for all this spice-of-life crap, and overall it's way too much pressure man.

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