Monday, May 02, 2005

he is uber

this weekend's weather has been what i would call immaculate. it is ideal weather for all things outdoorsy. and, in true phizz fashion, i have spent it indoors with blinds drawn. never let it be said that i'm not committed to hermitude.

i've decided to name my cat "uber". already he enjoys staying in bed all day and watching tv, taking after his master. i'm serious about this, he is infatuated with the tv screen. he's also an attention whore, crying when i go to the bathroom for a minute or when he's locked in the bathroom when i'm trying to sleep.

i haven't been able to teach him any evil tricks yet, but i'm working more on his functional abillities right now - balance, for instance. and shutting the hell up. he does know to make in the litter box.

i am officially an annoying cat person, well on my way to being a crazy cat lady with pets numbered in double-digits, each having a first, middle, and last name. and a prefix.

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