Friday, April 29, 2005

it's a boy

last night i adopted a kitten. my plan was to start out with something simpler to take care of - say, a pet rock. then i would move on to a plastic plant, then a real plant, a goldfish, a wino, then a cat. but i skipped some steps. i was too eager to train it to be evil and do my bidding, and i needed an audience forthright.

no pictures yet, i woke up too late this morning to upload them from my camera. no name yet either, but he's white with grey ears and a grey tail, blue eyes. here's an impromptu short list of monikers i'm considering:
  • nietzsche
  • ghengis
  • uber
  • corky thatcher
  • romper-stomper
  • titty
  • wu-tang
  • osama

i'm leaning towards "uber" because i really like the idea of talking to my cat with a german accent. it will perpetuate the evilness which i will try to instill in him. i can call him a shizer head.

if you think it's effeminate of me to get a cat, then just suck my fat one.

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