Tuesday, March 22, 2005

water! water!

happy world water day! the only reason i know that it's world water day is that the google logo on google.com is decorated oddly. usually they modify the google logo on special occastions (st. patrick's day, christmas, etc.) and you can always tell what the occasion is. but today it's decorated indiscernibly, unless you click on it.

how is this postworthy you ask? because i got nothing.

but i do like water. it's good for hydration, it's wet. and i guess not much else.

it also makes pop stars look really sexy in their videos. it gives teenagers a chance to order a free beverage on prom night when they can barely afford the meal and won't tip you shit so you have to run the risk of getting fired by including the tip on the bill otherwise you'd have to chase them out into the parking lot and threaten to eat their parents if they ever come back.

sometimes they ordered water and "lots of lemon wedges so they can make their own lemonade". i never obliged. lemons, $three extra. you no like? no lemons for you. i was the gestapo of the food service industry.

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