Wednesday, March 23, 2005

pootloose and sugar-free

a word to the wise - desserts and/or candies that normally contain copius amounts of sugar but are somehow made into a "sugar-free" version will not get along well with human intestines. i had a jelly bean craving yesterday and found a sugarless version (i haven't had sugar all year) which was actually very good. but be forewarned - stock your bathroom with some really interesting reading material, and lots of it.

tidbits from the too-much-information category aside, i feel compelled to apologize for saying that i hated america earlier. i don't hate america per se, i just hate what the neo-conservative death cult has turned the country into. i am, however, definitely ashamed to be an american because all the nefariousness perpetrated by our government is being done in my name (and yours - our name).

so, bliggedy-blah. i grow weary of being so consistently irate over things i have such little control over.

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