Monday, March 07, 2005

so very tired

in order to quash my recently-rising ego (something i'm not used to) i'm going to lay off deifying myself for a while and try to avoid the icarus crash. i don't know how to take compliments. i get uncomfortable. so, back to the usual self-deprecation.

this weekend was pretty resplendent, which means i didn't do thing one jack squat. march is chronic fatigue awareness month, and as such i'm taking off thursday and friday this week. i am in need of a nice four-day holiday in which familial socialization is not involved. it's not a true holiday when you have social obligations and have to be "on" all the time.

plus last week was really a bitch.

so everyone try and avoid the chronic fatigue. remember your c's: caffeine, cola, crack, coffee, couches, cocaine, catnaps, comas.

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