Wednesday, March 02, 2005

no prick for little billy

our redneck supreme court (clarence thomas too. actually, clarence thomas especially) finally deemed it unconstitutional to execute children. what a moral victory. i think the only other countries that still enforce state-sponsored executions of minors are china, iran, pakistan, and saudi arabia. some of our best friends right?

did anyone know the supreme court only banned the execution of the mentally retarded three years ago? i didn't.

it's a step in the right direction, and for that i'm glad. but why did it take until 2005 to reverse an obviously unjust practice?

it's dumbfounding how so many people in our country inexorably cling to these archaic practices that are completely unnecessary and simian in the modern age. capital punishment should be done away with entirely. our courts tell someone that killing a person is wrong, and as punishment we kill them? what kind of ackwards-bass hypocritical bunch of crusty white people populate our country these days?

abortion is wrong because it's murder, but capital punishment and war is okay? we should "defy tyranny" abroad (whatever) but allow it to propagate in our own country? any organization that has the word "truth" or "fair and balanced" in its name is usually a source of spin (see: swift boat veterans and fox "news")? we support the troops by denying them armor and blaming them for taking orders to torture people?

what the fuck is going on? is it 1984?

something else i want to float out there:
  • modern conservatism is all about being a dick
  • liberals are all about NOT being a dick

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