Tuesday, March 29, 2005

if you like multiple and sequential orgasms...

call me. then check out the vocal and electroclash stylings of spalding rockwell. if le tigre, roni size, ladytron, and peaches all fucked, this would be the fetus. i feel bad for using the descriptor "electroclash" because it's nothing that really fits completely into any one genre or sub-genre (of which there are an annoyingly incessant abundance).

and have i mentioned that they're HOT? this is relevant because, as we all know, only hot, sexy people can make good music.

yesterday i went home and ate a couple of xanax, which i am prone to do on monday afternoons, took a shower, read a bit and then put this cd on. the calming (or rather "paralyzing", considering the amount i take) effects of xanax did nothing to counter my excitement at hearing something inventive and fuck-rocking.

the new album kate is stimulating, hardcore, and infectious. if i were listening to this while driving i would either get a speeding ticket or die.

incidentally, i think i'm going to coin a new genre (since everyone else is): fuck-rock.

a good list of other new music i've been listening to: eisley, the comas, the beards, garbage, idlewild, ivy, lamb, lcd soundsystem, bloc party, and magnapop. also the new album from the esteemed sleater-kinney is going to be out soon. hazaah.

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