Monday, March 28, 2005

if it wasn't for bad luck

how is it that i accumulate gunk on the top of my stove even though i use it for nothing except boiling water? i'm like mr. burns; everything i touch or go near turns to shit.

speaking of shit, easter weekend was shitty. i don't know for sure that it's jesus's fault, but what a fantastic coincidence it is that my worst weekend of the year coincided with... what i guess was a bad weekend for him as well. i'm too far-removed from being catholic to remember exactly what happened on easter. crucifixion? resurrection? bah, whatever. maybe i'll just blame the weekend suckfest on 9/11. yeah, that's it, 9/11 and jesus.

and of course the intangible and ever-present cosmic machination against me and my emotional state. hey universe, eat me.

spring is always a bad time for me - ides of march and all. it could always be worse, or so they say.

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